Radio Viscera is about shoving enemies into traps with gleefully gory results

You can preload Resident Evil Village’s demo now

With the 60-minute Resident Evil Village opening

Everyone knows that kicking grunts intro traps in Dark Messiah of Might & Magic is one of the greatest pleasures in videogames. Radio Viscera looks like a game entirely about that feeling. Played from a top-down perspective, you wield an air cannon that can blast holes in walls and punt peeps into meat grinders.

Like a bouncy Crusader: No Remorse:

Or Orcs Must Die! without the need to build the traps yourself?

GTFO’s Rebirth update adds ceiling monsters and brain injections

10 Chambers have added a new nature-filled environment, as well as performance-enhancing chemical injections and hanging monster-spawning sacks to GTFO.

All this terrible, wonderful violence is justified by the environment being a “satanic Y2K cultist compound” you’re fighting your way through. There’s very little sign of minions fighting back in the trailer above, but presumably they built all these mincers for their own nefarious purposes.

There are costumes to unlock, a scoreboard to climb and an automatic GIF maker for sharing clips, according to the game’s Steam page, but I’m really just interested in it for the ability to destructively toss people about. Pushing people into misfortune feels so much better than directly causing it, and any game that lets me blow holes in walls is a delight.

Radio Viscera is from the developers of Small Radios Big Televisions, which the presence of “radio” in the name aside, couldn’t be more different. It was a weird, pretty game about clicking on environments to find casette tapes, with not a smear of blood in sight.

Radio Viscera is aiming for release this summer and you can sign up for a newsletter at its official site.

Destiny 2’s Vault Of Glass raid opens May 22nd

The Vault of Glass will return from the first game on Saturday the 22nd of May, with another raid race to challenge players.