Valheim’s Necromancy mod lets you command a band of skeletons

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In almost every game which asks me to choose a class, I’ll pick the one which lets me summon something. This is because I am lazy, and I like watching something else do all the work for me. Valheim have classes, but there’s now a mod which adds a necromancy skill with the ability to summon a group of skeletons. So that’s me sorted, then.

A shadowy viking by the name of “flippyflip3” has created the Necromancy mod, which lets you summon up to eight friendly skeletons using a Convoking Wand. This spooky staff siphons your health in exchange for abilities that summon, heal, or teleport your rickety companions.

You can also mix and match between warrior skeletons and bow skeletons. I’m particularly impressed by how the warriors will actually charge in front of the archers to protect them.

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Other little quality-of-life details make this necromancy mod appeal even more. Skeletons keep up pace with you, and they’ll even follow you through teleporters and join you for boat rides. They’ll even accompany you into dungeons, and won’t even raise a sword at your other tamed creatures. All in all, they’re extremely well-behaved.

There’s more plans for this necromancy mod too, as flippyflip3 hopes to add more conjurable creatures, AI improvements, and manual targeting so you can force skeletons to attack highlighted enemies.

When it comes to other tamed creatures, I’m a passionate person. I want my tamed boar to live a good life and not be cooped up in a pen for eternity. Well, there’s a mod called “Improved Boar” which lets your one beloved boar follow you around. And if you want to name them, so they aren’t just called “Boar”, there’s another mod called “Name Your Tame”, which has you covered. Now Hammy Wammy can join me and the skellies for a little trippy wippy.

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