Mini Motorways will finally arrive on Steam on July 20th

Phoenix Point’s Festering Skies DLC and free Behemoth update are out now

Phoenix Point’s Festering Skies DLC is out now, adding an enormous new enemy and coinciding with a free v1.1 update.

Mini Motorways was announced back in 2019, but the road vehicle successor to the puzzling trains of Mini Metro has been in Apple Arcade jail ever since. It now has a release date for its launch on Steam: July 20th. There’s a new trailer below, too.

Where Mini Metro had you drawing subway lines to keep trains and passengers moving between stops, Mini Motorways is about drawing roads to connect a city together. It’s still topdown and abstract, with a simple, almost zero-interface design, but it’s traded in the inspiration from London’s Underground map for more vibrant colour schemes inspired by cities from around the world.

Cloudpunk’s “sequel-sized” City Of Ghosts DLC is out now

Cloudpunk: City Of Ghosts is a sequel-sized DLC for the original neon cyberpunk taxi driving game, and it’s out now.

Those ciites include Munic, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo, and the PC release will coincide with an update to add Dubai and Mexico City. It also adds roundabouts, presumably as a precursor to adding a Milton Keynes colour scheme.

There are daily and weekly challenges, too, but I loved Mini Metro as just a very chill sensory experience. I played it as an actual puzzle game for hours and hours, but I also once used the “can’t fail” mode and left it running on a computer hooked up to my TV for days, like an extremely pleasant screensaver. I don’t know if Mini Motorways has the same elegance – roads seem a less perfect fit for the format – but I’m keen to find out.

Mini Motorways will cost £7/$10/€8.19, with the typical 10% discount when it launch on Steam. There will be a Switch version along next year, too, which isn’t relevant to us as a PC site, but let’s face it I’m going to end up buying it on there too.

Strangeland looks gross and I don’t want it but it’s out now

Strangeland is a psychological horror point-and-click adventure game that looks creepy as heck and it’s out now.