Euro Truck Simulator 2’s photo mode update will soon let you capture trucks in their best light

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It’s been a while since I’ve booted up Euro Truck Simulator 2 and gone for a relaxing drive myself, but it remains just so delightfully wholesome. These people, they love trucks.

After update 1.40 revamped the game’s lighting system back in March, developers SCS Software have been working on a revamp of the game’s photo mode. When 1.41 launches, you’ll now be able to fiddle with the time of day and the weather, so you can capture your truck looking its best.

Here’s a relevant video:

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A post on the ETS2 Steam page has more screenshots and details of the revisions.

“Players will now be able to choose the conditions of their liking, to create the perfect trucking snap just by simply adjusting a new slider to change the time, or clicking on two buttons to control the lighting/weather, all of which will appear in the updated in-game photo studio,” says the post. Previously if you wanted to capture a photo at a particular time of day or weather, you had to use console commands to make changes with cheats.

The new lighting system really does make a big difference to the game. ETS2 was originally released in 2012, and while it’s still not ultra-modern, it’s the biggest visual leap the game has had across the past nine years of expansions and patches.

If it’s still not pretty enough for you, fellow truck fancier Craig recently took a look at the best Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods. His picks included mods to revamp certain cities and to introduce more realistic graphics, plus a lot more to liven up the game’s roads.

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