El Paso, Elsewhere is a Max Payne-inspired shooter about killing the vampire you loved

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Developed by Nifflas, the maker of Knytt and Night Sky, in Ynglet you play as a floaty jellyfish whose friends get lost after a comet crashes into their home.

I wrote about the Guerrilla Collective indie game showcase earlier today, and mentioned one game stood out to me from the mix. El Paso, Elsewhere was it: a Max Payne-inspired shooter about diving through a haunted motel to stop Draculae, the vampire you loved.

Here’s the trailer, which is slick and stylish:

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Watch this new sandbox game’s trailer and you’ll start out thinking “This looks like Pokémon”, but oh wow it gets weird really soon.

I like Max Payne and it’s been too long since I dived slowly sideways while firing dual pistols. I’m also pleased that while there’s noir romance present in the trailer above, you’re turning monsters into blood clouds rather than firing at jacket-wearing goons like in the Max Payne games themselves. Fighting werewolves is better than fighting mobsters.

El Paso, Elsewhere, like all games, is from Xalavier Nelson, former occasional RPS writer, alongside a team of collaborators. Xalavier released An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs on Steam last month.

If you sign up to Xalavier’s Patreon, you’ll eventually get preview builds of the game. You can also wishlist it on Steam. It has a 2022 release date.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo will be a video game this year

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