Crysis Trilogy Remastered is coming this autumn, now one-third worth playing

The new Battlefield will be revealed June 9th

The new Battlefield is being revealed on June 9th, according to a tweet from the official Battlefield Twitter account.

Last week I wrote that it looked like a Crysis 2 Remaster was on the way. I was wrong – it turns out a Crysis Remastered Trilogy is coming, including both the second and third games. It’s due to arrive this autumn.

Here’s a teaser trailer:

Far Cry 6 narrative director says the game’s story “is political”

Far Cry 6, a game about leading a revolution in a Cuba-inspired fictional nation, “is political” according to a blog post written by its narrative director.

Crysis 2 threw away much of what I thought was exciting about the original Crysis, trading wide corridor level design for more narrow and scripted experience inspired by Call Of Duty. Crysis 3 then followed in Crysis 2’s nanofootsteps, again taking place in New York, albeit one transformed into a rainforest and covered by a giant nanodome. It still didn’t have the destructible huts and suit energy balancing of the original, however, so still felt inferior to me.

Crysis 2 and 3 also still look pretty good today, so a remastered release is even less necessary than for 2006’s Crysis 1. These remasters are nice, I’d say, if you’ve never played any Crysis before and want them on a new console, but of less note to us on PC where the trilogy can already be bought from Steam.

I consequently found Crysis Remastered underwhelming when I played it last year. I loved the original Crysis, but I do not love paying a lot more to play a new version of it with graphical bells and whistles that make no difference. It remains the best game in the series – the chocolate in the Crysis Trilogy’s chocolate-vanilla-strawberry ice cream tub – but I’d still pick the original up in a sale rather than buy the remaster.

Stonefly’s battling bug mechs are out now

Stonefly is about piloting bug-sized mechs, and like Rogue One shrunk down to Fern Gully size, according to its developers. It’s released today.