Rainbow Six Siege’s next season adds a healing defender and reworks Favela

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Rainbow Six Siege’s next season is queueing up for June and Ubisoft have now handed out all the details on Year 6 Season 2. The next season, North Star, is bringing new healing defender Thunderbird and is reworking the Favela map so defenders actually have a fighting chance. North Star kicks off on June 14th but you can prep for the changes right now with Ubisoft’s list of patch notes.

New operator Thunderbird is bringing some additional healing support to the defender side. Her gadget is the Kona Station, which spits out a bit of health to the first operator who enters its radius. You know, like those cute little auto feeders for pets. You never be afraid to leave your teammates home alone again. Even a downed defender can manually trigger the Kona Station to revive themselves prior to death. Oh, it can also heal attackers though, so do mind where you’ve put it.

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The Favela map rework is another major change on ths list for the upcoming season. Up there in the season reveal video, Ubisoft say they went a bit overboard with exterior destruction on Favela. That made it a tough map for the defending team to hold down.

“The two main entryways on Favela’s roof have been preserved. They were previously named 3F Main Stairs, 3F Back Stairs, and 3F Packaging and are now named 3F Red Stairs, 3F Trash Chute, and 3F Electrical. The map’s small size, irregular exterior, and verticality also remain. The rest of the map, including the overall structure of the main building, has been completely remade, so players will get to experience a virtually new location that retains the same theme as the original Favela.”

One thing that’s not coming this season is the new gameplay after death system. That’ll stay relegated to the test server, though Ubisoft break down a lot of what’s involved over in their designer notes post for Year 6 Season 2. In short, it lets operators operate a drone after death and allows several operators to continue using their particular gadgets after death too. Ubisoft say they want to give dead players reasons to stay engaged in a match while still making sure that dying early in a round isn’t a valid strategy.

You can snag the rest of the details on balance changes and bug fixes in Ubisoft’s North Star patch notes. North Star kicks off on June 14th.

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