Steam’s Golden Week sale is live now, offering discounts on games from Japan

Evil Genius 2’s first DLC adds a new super agent alongside rebalance patch

Evil Genius 2 is a management game about being a villain, and its first DLC, the Cabal Pack, adds a new do-gooder you can thwart and turn to your side.

Steam’s Golden Week sale is live now, offering discounts on thousands of games from Japan. A quick glance shows plenty of great games in the mix, including Death Stranding at 60% reduced and Ace Combat 7 at 75% off.

Golden Week begins each year on April 29th and groups together several holidays in Japan. The Steam sale will run a week from today, until May 6th at 10am PT/6pm BST.

It’s easy enough to find big games via Steam’s landing page. We named Death Stranding one of our favourite games of 2020 and it’s £22/$24. Brendy found Ace Combat 7 an absurd delight and it’s £12.50/$15. Tales Of Vesperia and Tales Of Berseria are 80% and 85% off respectively, ahead of Tales Of Arise’s release this September. Nier Automata is 50% reduced to £15/$20, in case Replicant’s recent re-release has piqued your interest in its better successor.

Super Magbot’s demo offers attractive and repellent 2D platforming

Super Magbot is a punishing precision platformer in which you can’t jump, but use a magnet gun to push and punt yourself about. There’s a demo out now.

If you’re into fighting games, Tekken 7, Street Fighter 5, Soul Calibur 6 and Dragon Ball FighterZ are all less than £10. Me, I just started watching One Punch Man, so I’m looking at A Hero Nobody Knows and wondering if it’s worth £10/$12.50 despite the ‘Mixed’ Steam reviews.

You can also poke around the sale using the Steam store’s new categories, such as theme and visual style. It’s never been easier to find a game in which cat girls run a patisserie.

I was hoping to find something obscure to recommend, but honestly, my pick is Death Stranding. It’s a beautiful, strange, melancholic hiking sim and a steal at £22.

Europa Universalis IV’s newest expansion has 90% negative reviews on Steam

Europa Universalis IV’s Leviathan expansion is currently the worst rated thing on Steam, with 90% “overwhelmingly negative” reviews due to bugs.