Apex Legends Season 9 trailer gives peek at new 3v3 mode

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Apex Legends’ new season is just a couple of weeks away, and today Respawn released a launch trailer announcing a brand new game mode. Named Arenas, it looks like players will soon have the option to duck out of the usual battle royale mode, and jump into a little 3v3 shoot ’em up. Catch the trailer for yourself below; it features lots of cinematic fights, at least ten Mirages having a party, and a first look at new Legend Valkyrie spreading her wings in the Apex Games.

There’s also a mysterious and scary new character with cool robot legs. So many Apex characters have robot legs (granted, two of them are robots).

Announced a few days ago, Valkyrie will be flying into Apex with her trusty jetpack, which just so happens to be made out of her old dad’s busted Titan (she’s the daughter of Viper, one of the antagonists in Titanfall 2). In the launch trailer, you can see her flying about freely, shooting rockets and even using a bow and arrow like a hardcore cherub.

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Though this isn’t a gameplay trailer, it does at least give a better idea of how she’ll look in the battle royale. It would be weird if she could just fly all the time, however, so I do hope that’s just a fun cinematic thing. As much as I’d love to zoom around in the sky, I don’t fancy fighting other people who’re doing that.

As for this new mode, there’s really not a whole lot to go off of in that vid. It’s definitely called Arenas, and it certainly looks 3v3. Back in January, dataminer “Shrugtal” found details about an upcoming 3v3 team deathmatch mode in the game’s files, so it seems likely that’s what we’re looking at here.

Thankfully we won’t be waiting too much longer for more official info, because Respawn plan on revealing some Arenas gameplay next week, on Monday the 26th of April.

It’s also worth noting that the devs have dropped the number for this new season, so rather than Apex Legends Season 9, it’s just Apex Legends Legacy. It launches on May 4th, and you can check out the Apex website for more info.

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