It’s now easier to support Rock Paper Shotgun

Help, I’m trapped listening to The Sims 4’s Simlish summer jams

With summer almost upon us, I’m stuck listening to the Simlish cover versions of summer jams like Steal My Sunshine and Cruel Summer. Help.

The RPS Supporter Programme launched back in 2014 as a way for readers to directly fund the kind of work we love most. The strange, the experimental, the personal, the obscure; the kind of work that’s expensive and time-consuming, and loved intensely by those who get it.

Today we’re making it easier to support RPS – and changing the way you access your benefits if you already do.

For starters, you can now support RPS directly via the site itself. We no longer take payment via Humble Bundle.

All existing RPS user accounts have been converted into Reedpop ID accounts. You still use the same username and password to sign in as before, but this account can be used across multiple ReedPop websites, including our cousins at board game site Dicebreaker.

If you were already an RPS supporter, thank you! To celebrate your generosity (and patience, frankly), we’ve given you a year of Premium tier supporter access starting from today. You don’t have to do anything – your previous expiry date has already been extended. You can sign in here to view your subscription.

Five Nights creator retiring following upset over political donations

Scott Cawthon has announced he’s retiring to spend more time with his kids, following controversy over his donations to several anti-LGBT politicians.

Sin Vega is writing a new supporter-only series called Scout Report.

All the old features are there, including an ad-free browsing experience. Your previous rewards, including game keys, remain accessible via your Humble Bundle account, but from next week will be available via your new ReedPop ID. Look for new game keys to be added soon.

If you aren’t an RPS supporter and would like to be, you can learn more about the different tiers and sign up here. Hey, we have different tiers now! Standard tier gets you an ad-free version of the site, discounts and a monthly letter from the editor, while the Premium tier nets you all of the above plus exclusive supporter-only articles, extra gift keys and more. What option you choose, you can also now – gasp – set your subscription to auto-renew.

We’ve been writing supporter-only posts for seven years and there are already hundreds available to read. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be making some of those posts publicly available so that you can get the flavour of them.

There are new kinds of articles on the way, too. Sin Vega is writing a new supporter-only series called Scout Report, offering irregular recommendations for indie games. There will be a monthly bonus episode of the Electronic Wireless Show podcast. And there’s more to come.

The internet has changed a lot over RPS’s 147 year existence, but your support of the site has been unwavering. We hope this relaunch is just the beginning and that we can reward you more for your support in future. For now, if you have feedback or need help, drop us an email to We’d love to hear from you.

Boomerang X tosses one out this July, catches it

Boomerang X is a first-person arena shooter about a magic boomerang you can toss, catch, teleport to and use to perform acrobatic death upon low-fi 3D enemies.