Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water is bringing the Japanese horror series to PC later this year

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Here’s an interesting one: a Fatal Frame game is headed to PC. Announced during today’s Nintendo Direct (not traditionally a source of PC games news), Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water, which was originally released on Wii U in 2014, is being re-released on nearly every platform, including Steam. You can find a trailer of its polished-up horror photography below.

I’m 100% wuss and so have never played the Fatal Frame games, but they’ve always interested me. They’re third-person horror games in which you, usually as a young woman, explore a creepy-ass environment and encounter ghosts and spirits. To overcome their incorporeal grip, you take photos of them using your Camera Obscura.

As a Wii U game, Fatal Frame was well-suited to that console’s handheld second screen. I imagine it’ll feel less natural on PC, but the trailer above looks prettier, and it’s also been gussied up with a new, uh, photo mode. So you can take nice photos in the game about taking photos.

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Wikipedia tells me that Black Water also had a “wetness meter,” where the more wet your character is, the more ghosts would appear in an area and the more damage is done by your camera. Videogames are wild.

Although this will be the first Fatal Frame game to come to PC, it’s not entirely surprising given that it’s a Koei Tecmo joint. Almost everything the Japanese studio makes comes to PC at this stage, including the recent Persona 5 Strikers and Nioh 2.

There’s no fixed release date for Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water yet, just sometime in 2021.

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