Explore a pretty doodle world as a space jellyfish in Ynglet, out now

Palworld looks like Pokémon until you see the guns and sweatshop

Watch this new sandbox game’s trailer and you’ll start out thinking “This looks like Pokémon”, but oh wow it gets weird really soon.

In Ynglet, you play as a spindly, floaty jellyfish, zooming around a gorgeous doodle-filled world searching for your pals. Developed by Nifflas, the creator of Knytt and NightSky, you’ll be platforming without platforms, and jumping about like “a space dolphin”. It almost seems like playing through someone’s sketch book, all filled with pretty drawings and bursts of colour. And if you fancy a go, it’s out right now.

Developed by Nifflas (aka Nicklas Nygren), and published by Triple Topping, Ynglet launched shortly before Saturday’s Guerrilla Collective indie game showcase kicked off as a little surprise.

Despite being a platformer, it doesn’t actually have any typical platforms. The devs say Ynglet is like a “space dolphin”, who uses the different bubbles and shapes in the environment to zoom and leap through. It all looks very minimalistic, which I adore.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo will be a video game this year

Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 psychological thriller Vertigo is getting a game adaptation, developed by Pendulo Studios, here’s a new teaser trailer.

The devs add that there are a number of difficulty settings: you’ll be able to set quick respawns, for example, so if you mess up a long frustrating section you won’t have to repeat it. The game also has a “high reactive and dynamic soundtrack thanks to Ynglet’s custom and needlessly complicated music software.” Perhaps the software was the right amount of complicated, seeing as the music is very nice.

You can buy Ynglet right now on Steam and for $4.50/£5.50/€6.

Ynglet wasn’t the only eye-catching game at the Guerrilla Collective indie game showcase. Graham quite liked the look of El Paso, Elsewhere, a Max Payne-inspired shooter about killing the vampire you loved.

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