Please ghosts with crafting in the chill Cozy Grove

You can now use the best of Yahoo! Answers as a Typing Of The Dead dictionary

Yahoo! Answers is dead, and so someone turned the best of the site into a Typing Of The Dead: Overkill custom dictionary. Kill zombies with dumb questions.

Cozy Grove is a chill life sim set on a haunted island, which you restore to its colourful best by crafting, fishing and performing jobs for a growing menagerie of harmless ghosts. It looks wonderfully pleasant – and it’s out now.

There’s a bit of Spiritfarer to it, in that you’re performing your tasks for the departed, but its hand-drawn isometric art also reminds me of Don’t Starve – only, like, Don’t Starve if it got really into Cbeebies instead of Tim Burton movies.

Soup Pot is a cute-looking cooking game about creativity

Soup Pot is a cute-looking cooking game about creativity – and about earning clout on an in-game social network. It’s due for release later in 2021.

It has a a dose of Animal Crossing to it, too: the events on the island occur in real-time, and your dead chums will only give you so many tasks to perform in a given day. The developers – SpryFox, makers of Alphabear – say that it’s a 40 hour campaign but “designed to span months of playtime”.

I don’t want to solely describe Cozy Grove in relation to other games, so let me also note that the trailer shows a seagull who wears a sea captain’s hat. Is he one of the ghosts? Is he just a local ferryman? I do not know, but I’m already fond of him. I’ll do whatever he tells me.

I am deeply in the mood for something pleasant and unthreatening to play on this grey, exhausting weekend/month/year, and so I’ll be jumping into the Grove later this weekend. If you want to join me, you can pick up Cozy Grove now from Steam and the Epic Games Store for £10.25/$13.50/€11.24.

WWE 2K22 will resume the wrestling after 2020’s royal fumble

After taking a year off following the disastrous WWE 2K20, 2K announced at WrestleMania that the series will resume with WWE 2K22.