Ark: Survival Evolved’s final expansion has arrived

Bungie “continuing to work on” Destiny 2’s PC performance problems

Bungie have spoken about Destiny 2’s recent framerate and stuttering problems sufffered by some PC players, explaining what they’ve been doing to fix it.

Hover-surfboards, flying platypus-like creatures, and Vin Diesel falling out of a wet pod – I already didn’t fully understand Ark: Survival Evolved, but I can’t deny its new expansion has piqued my interest. Out now, Ark: Genesis Part 2 invites players to jump into the game’s final chapter, and play through the storyline that’ll lead into its sequel. Oh, and David Tennant is in it too.

Ark: Genesis Part 2 drops players onto a new world with new missions to complete, as well as awesome and frightening new wildlife to discover. Awesome being the very good flying platypus you can ride on the back of, and terrifying being a small alien creature that latches onto your head then forces you to kill your pals. Catch a glimpse of ’em in the trailer below.

Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters announced for 2022

During their Warhammer Skulls event yesterday, Games Workshop announced a new Warhammer game “Daemonhunters”, the final Total Warhammer 2 DLC, and more.

It all seems like a rather dramatic conclusion, with players facing off against the game’s big bad, Sir Edmund Rockwell, voiced by David Tennant (of Doctor Who fame, though he was also in Call Of Duty that one time).

Genesis Part 2 will have at least a few grunts from Vin Diesel as well (who I struggle to see as anyone other than Riddick). This finale bridges the game between Survival Evolved and its sequel, which seems set to star Mr Diesel, who looked kinda like a God Of War-style dad in the Game Awards trailer last year. He’s part of Studio Wildcard’s development team too; his official title is president of creative convergence.

Genesis Part 2 is available now on Steam and the Epic Games Store as part of the Genesis Season Pass, which gives you access to Part 1 as well. Right now it’s 15% off, priced at £24/€26/$30.

Sorry, no Metro or Saint’s Row surprise at E3 this year, Deep Silver say

Following the announcement of the Koch Media showcase, Deep Silver piped up to set expectations for several of their games that won’t be making appearances.