Resident Evil 4 VR launches this year with remastered visuals and sound

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During last week’s Resident Evil Showcase we found out about the upcoming Resident Evil 4 VR that’s coming to the Oculus Quest 2. Oculus have now had their own showcase event, and they’ve revealed more about its VR features and remastered visuals. It’s launching later this year, they’ve now confirmed.

Oculus say that Armature haven’t messed with the Resident Evil 4 fundamentals, but it is getting a lot of VR touches. “Weapons and items have been re-engineered as physical objects you can pick up and interact with,” they say. “You’ll also be able to switch weapons by grabbing them off your body instead of going into a menu, and you can wield separate weapons with each hand.” We did see just a bit of that in last week’s video. You did catch the knife and gun juggling, right?

Oculus’s recap video up there gives the short version, but you can catch a bit more in their full look in the showcase. Oculus also say that Resi4 VR will support movement with the analog sticks on the Touch controllers, teleportation, and room-scale movement too. Audio is getting an upgrade as well, with 3D spacial sounds and enemy sounds that actually indicate which direction you’re being attacked from.

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If you noticed that the visuals looked a little fresher, Oculus have also explained that the developers at Armature have dusted off some of the old Resi files.

“Armature is using core elements from the original Resident Evil 4 to drive gameplay and systems, but they’ve remastered art—over 4,500 textures have either been repainted or had their resolution increased. Character animations have been faithfully converted to Unreal Engine 4 and remain untouched from the original source material, and all cutscenes will be presented in their original format.”

Questionable quality textures were one of the few things to critique in RPS’s Resident Evil 4 HD review from years back, so a spit shine on the pixels seems like a plus.

Oculus didn’t announce a specific launch date for Resident Evil 4 VR but they do mention that it’s coming later this year.

You can catch some of Oculus’s other announcements from the showcase in their recap post.

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