WWE 2K22 will resume the wrestling after 2020’s royal fumble

Source Engine exploits could let hackers remotely access players’ PCs

For two years, Valve have allegedly known about an exploit that allows hackers to gain remote access to players’ machines, and they’ve supposedly yet to fix it.

After taking a year off following the disastrously buggy WWE 2K20, 2K are returning to their wrestling series with WWE 2K22. They announced the new game at WrestleMania over the weekend with a wee trailer starring Rey Mysterio, though didn’t have much to say about it. Still, I suppose a bullet point list of new additions wouldn’t mean much when the main feature people want from a new 2K WWE game is for it to just not be mega-busted.

WWE 2K22 is made by Visual Concepts, who had assisted primary developers Yuke’s for several years before taking over with 2K20. That was not a good game. While a lot of initial attention went to wacky physics glitches because they’re hilarious, over a year later players are still reporting issues with crashes, bad controls, multiplayers server troubles, and more.

Outriders crossplay is back, but inventory wipes remain

An Outriders patch has re-enabled crossplay, but there’s still a bug wiping player inventories and it refuses to go away.

WWE 2K20 was in such a state that 2K skipped making a new game in the annual series for 2021, saying they would instead take longer to “[apply] what we’ve learned to the next WWE 2K simulation game with a renewed focus on quality and fun.” In the interim, they released the startling spin-off WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

I don’t envy anyone having to make a sequel every year. It’s a huge task, no doubt, but 2K were taking the piss with 2K20. Fingers crossed for this year?

Former WWE 2K devs Yuke’s are currently making a new game based on All Elite Wrestling. AEW are the league founded in 2019 by wrestlers including Chris Jericho and noted Undertale cosplayer Kenny Omega.

Dota 2’s new wizard is a giant lady with a giant hammer

New hero Dawnbreaker arrived in Dota 2 with update 7.29 on Friday, a giant lady with a giant hammer. Everyone’s thirsty for giant ladies these days.