Itch are giving devs 100% revenue share today for their first Creator Day

Classic sidescroller GetsuFumaDen has just gotten a beautiful PC remake

Konami have resurrected their classic sidescrolling action game GetsuFumaDen as an early access game on PC.

The share of game sales that digital distributors keep has been somewhat of a hot topic lately thanks to the big legal fisticuffs between Epic Games and Apple. A sweeter take on the splitsies situation is indie storefront having developers keep 100% of their sales revenue on games bought today. Itch are calling the event their first Creator Day and say they hope to make it a regular event in the future.

Itch is already pretty darn generous with their revenue split. Since 2015 they’ve been using their “open revenue sharing” option that lets creators determine what split they want to have with the store, anywhere from 0% to 100%. The default setting is 10%, which is still lower than both Steam and the Epic Games Store’s take. For today though, they’ve set every creator’s share of the split to 100%.

Over in their announcement post, Itch keep it short and sweet. “We won’t be taking our usual cut of sales on the site and developers, musicians, and artists will receive 100% of sales after taxes and payment processor fees,” they say. “While it’s always a good time to support creators on this Friday is going to be just a little more special.”

Text-based RPG Cyberpunkdreams is out now and free to play

This text-based RPG about futuristic Cincinnati just got a Steam release with plans to continue evolving content in the future.

Itch have also set aside a Creator Day sale page showing off games that happen to be discounted today. There are all sorts of good games to dig up. If you need some quick assistance, here’s RPS’s Nuts review of the squirrel surveilance game which you can find on Itch. Alice Bee says in her Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion review that it’s the funniest game she’s ever played. Nifty apocalypse diorama maker Cloud Gardens is on Itch as well.

Those are all recent releases that are on sale at the moment, but you can grab anything at all on Itch today and know that the developers are taking home all the revenue.

Creator Day is effective currently and lasts until 11:59pm PDT tonight, which is 4:59am BST on Saturday morning.

In other Itch news, the store recently got brought up in the Epic vs Apple trial with mention of the “unspeakable games” that it sells. Fortunately Itch had a sense of humor about it. Their store hosts all sorts of great games and content, both NSFW and SFW.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker will launch on November 23rd

Final Fantasy 14’s next expansion is Endwalker, and it now has a release date of November 23rd, 2021. This was announced at Final Fantasy Digital Fan Fest 2021.