Resident Evil’s Nemesis is coming to Dead By Daylight

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Like a giant Katamari made of scabs and jump scares, Dead By Daylight has collected another classic horror fiend to stalk its servers. The upcoming Resident Evil chapter will, unsurprisingly, bring the Umbrella Corp’s Nemesis to the multiplayer horror game. The new beast won’t be turning up on his own, though. Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine will be added as survivors for the meat-weapon-gone-rogue to chase.

The ghastly collab was announced to celebrate Dead by Daylight’s fifth anniversary. The asymmetric multiplayer game, where teams of survivors try and outlast a singular enemy during a round, is packed with classic horror icons, and the Nemesis fits right in alongside Leatherface and Pyramid Head.

A new stalking ground, based on the Raccoon City Police Department from the recent Resident 2 remake, rounds off the new add-on. You can see that below if you skip to “50:49 Resident Evil Chapter Reveal”.

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Though Capcom are working on Re:Verse, an upcoming deathmatch mode for the recently released Resident Evil Village, this is probably going to be the best way to play Resi with friends or foes. The game’s still got a healthy, happy population on Steam.

I’ve been meaning to play Dead By Daylight for a while now. What stops me? It’s five years old now, and I worry that I’ll be nothing more than a piece of jerky for the beast. Or, even worse, a comedically bad killer that’ll be laughed out of the server after swiping feebly at the air. I have feelings, you know! Real ones that matter.

Bob Nemesis will be arriving on June 15.

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