The final Resident Evil Village demo will be available through launch day

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Resident Evil Village is creeping up early next month but you don’t need to wait for it to spook you. Village’s final demo will let you split time between the werewolf-infested village itself and the scary lady-infested castle up above so you can get acquainted with both. The demo is coming up this weekend and Capcom have announced that they’re extending it. The 60-minute demo will now be available for a week, running past Village’s May 7th launch date.

Previously, the final demo for Village was planned for a pretty short period (24 hours) but Capcom say they’ve heard players’ feedback, presumably from the other limited-time demos, and decided to make it available for an entire week. You still only get 60 minutes of play time, mind. You’ll have a much longer window to schedule yourself that free hour though.

The “Village and Castle” demo will now begin on the night of May 1st—the witching hours of May 2nd for some of you—and be available through May 9th. Village’s proper launch day is on May 7th, which means if you’re keen to see early opinions on launch day before you try it you can wait for them.

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Speaking of early opinions, and Castles, you can get some of both in the weekspot up there. Matthew shared some thoughts from his time with the 30 minute PlayStation 5 demo earlier this month. The bits he played were more action-y than survival horror, he said. That particular demo had quite a few cutscenes and scripted bits, from the sound of it, which made it less scary than he’d maybe hoped.

As the name implies, the demo will let you explore the snowy town of Resident Evil Village and Castle Dimitrescu where your favorite large lady lives. “How much time will you spend seeking answers in the village, and how long will you brave the castle’s corridors to uncover its dark secrets? It’s up to you to decide,” Capcom say. I suppose you could go half and half, but maybe you’re just really keen on creeping through the castle.

The Village and Castle demo now begins this weekend on May 2nd at 1am BST (May 1st, 5pm PDT) and runs through May 10th/9th at the same hours. You’ll find it over on Steam for PC folks. It’s also available on Stadia, PlayStations, and Xbox boxes. Resident Evil Village launches properly on May 7th.

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