Fortnite: Coral Buddies Stone Age Quest – Secret Challenge

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A new challenge was unlocked in Fortnite today. In this guide we want to help you with the following assignment:

Coral Buddy: The Stone Age – Fortnite Week 5 Season 3


Bring coral buddy stones and find the Monuments

To complete this challenge completely you have to do several steps and find all the Sphinx. You can complete ALL steps within a single turn, since all targets are in the northwest of the map.

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  • Taught Coral Buddies Stonecrafting
  • Sculpted Coral Kingdom Border Monuments (Riddle of the Sphinx)


First you have to land on a small island, far to the northwest of the map. This island is not marked on the map! There you have to destroy the boulders to collect 300 stones. Then you go to the stones on the island and give 300 stones. This completes the first step (Taught Coral Buddies Stonecrafting).

Now you have to find three border monuments! They are stone blocks that you have to break when you destroy a stone, a sphinx is visible. We show you all three places in the video below.


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