Mass Effect remaster mod lets you use console commands

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The Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been out for nearly two weeks now, and modders are already making some handy changes to the remastered version of BioWare’s space RPG trilogy. Someone has made a mod that lets players bring up the in-game console in the ME1 and ME2 remaster, allowing them to give themselves a cheeky XP or Paragon/Renegade points boost, clip out of bounds, and even add in items and powers.

Enable In-Game Console is a mod made by “Mgamerz” on Nexus Mods, which does exactly what it says on the tin. An in-game console essentially lets you cheat in small ways by typing in a code: not got enough Paragon points to pass a check? Add a few more! Struggling fighting some tough enemies? Beef up your abilities with a bit of extra XP. Need some extra credits to buy a snazzy gun? Sorted mate.

The in-game console works in both Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2, and you can find a complete list of codes on the games’ wikis (ME1 over here, and ME2 over there). Some interesting commands for ME2 include being able to kill all enemies in the area you’re in, as well as kill Shepard if you want to. You can also give a specific power (like a biotic or tech ability) to a character, or bring up the squad selection screen mid-level (though the wiki says this one can break music and dialog).

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It’s worth noting that not all of the commands will work perfectly, as some code will have been changed for the Legendary Edition versions of the games. Players who’ve used this mod already say that all the basic commands work though – so simple things like adding credits, XP and enabling/disabling noclip should work just fine.

If you fancy messing around with the console, you can download the mod at the link above. All the instructions on the main mod page. Mgamerz notes that, if the Legendary Edition is updated, you’ll need to download a new version of their mod that’s compatible with the new patch.

Elsewhere in the world of Mass Effect Legendary Edition mods, someone has made the Better Camera mod, which allows players to adjust their field of view in each game. Another modder has improved Shepards stamina too, by making a mod that lets them run for longer.

I’ve had a great time with the remaster over the last week or so, blasting through every sidequest in the first game. My space-husband Garrus has been at my side the entire time, of course. Alice Bee will never understand what we have.

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