So, how about those Knights Of The Old Republic remake rumours?

Call Of Duty: Warzone has indeed nuked Verdansk today

The Destruction Of Verdansk Part I is underway, turning players into zombies and dropping a nuke on Verdansk.

Once again, lips are flapping with rumours of a Knights Of The Old Republic remake. No one has officially announced they’re redoing the BioWare RPG set years before Star Trek, but rumours have gone round for a few years, often with Aspyr Media attached as the developers. Well, those same rumours have come back round again. KOTOR is one of the few BioWare games I haven’t played (DS9 was more my bag), so I have to ask: would you still recommend it to me today? Or tell me if you’re clamouring for a KOTOR 3 instead?

The latest round of whispers doesn’t add much to previous KOTOR remake rumours. Bloomberg’s Jascon Schreier, a frequent rumourman, told the MinnMaxShow that yes, it’s real. Our corporate siblings at Eurogamer piped up to say they, like previous rumours, have also heard Aspyr are doing it. While Aspyr have mostly done ports before (including KOTOR for Mac and pocket telephones), they did remaster Indigo Prophecy are making games themselves nowadays. People poking on LinkedIn found some former BioWare folks are at Aspyr now too. But overall, eh, until anything is made official, this is only chatter. So let’s chat.

Resident Evil 4 VR launches this year with remastered visuals and sound

Oculus showed off more of first-person Resident Evil 3 during their games showcase.

I know KOTOR is remembered fondly. I definitely have been told all about that one murderbot by people in pubs who were gesticulating wildly. But what I’ve seen of KOTOR looked well 2003, in the sense of ‘dated’ rather than ‘classic’. This could change depending on whether this hypothetical game is more on the ‘remaster’ or ‘remake’ end of the spectrum, I suppose. If it’s just a wee bit of polish, would you still recommend I have a crack?

An earlier rumour claimed this project was a hybrid remake doodad which took elements of both KOTOR games and brought them into the current Star Wars canon. That would be extra weird. Past a certain degree of remastering, I would wonder why efforts wouldn’t just go into making a new game instead. But I guess if a new game were strictly off the table for whatever reason, that might be as much as you could push the concept of a remake-o-master? Weird. Are nostalgic achings that strong? Tell me.

Tell me I should buy and play it right now, if you think I should. Tell me if you want a remaster or remake or sequel or what. Tell me how gutting it is that Lucasfilm killed that fan remake. Tell me about happy memories if you’re happy to let memories be memories. Tell me it all.

Death Stranding’s official PC case needs more BB Boys, if you ask me

Japanese peripherals maker Tsukumo have announced an official Death Stranding PC case for Japan, and it’s a loving tribute to the Bridges company.