Payday 3, new Painkiller coming from new label Prime Matter

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The next Payday game from Starbreeze Studios and a brand-new Painkiller are coming from a newly announced game publishing label called Prime Matter. Koch Media, which also owns publishing labels Deep Silver, Milestone, and Ravenscourt, announced Prime Matter on Thursday, revealing its first slate of games.

Koch Media calls Prime Matter a “premium label” that’s “dedicated to delivering brilliant immersive games.” That includes soon-to-be-released titles like Encased from Dark Crystal Games and King’s Bounty 2 by 1C Entertainment, both of which are due in the coming months. Then there are games that won’t be out for years, including Payday 3 and a new Painkiller game from Saber Interactive.

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In between, Prime Matter will publish Crossfire: Legion, a new real-time strategy game from Blackbird Interactive based on Smilegate’s Crossfire shooter series; GunGrave GORE, developer Iggymob’s anime-inspired third-person action shooter; and Kingdom Come Deliverance for Nintendo Switch.

Prime Matter will also publish dark sci-fi action adventure Scars Above, futuristic FPS Codename Final Form, Lovecraftian horror action RPG Dolmen, Middle Ages-era action RPG The Last Oricru, story-driven fantasy adventure Echoes Of The End, and psychedelic horror adventure The Chant.

For a peek at many of those games, check out Prime Matter’s sizzle reel below.

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