Final Fantasy 7 Remake appears in a hidden Epic Store product listing

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I know a lot of us are still jealous of the shiny Final Fantasy 7 Remake that landed exclusively on the PS4 last year. Us PC folks have held out hope it would come our way even though Square Enix had nothing to say when FF7R’s PS4 exclusivity ended in April this year. The new PS5 upgraded version called Intergrade just launched this month too, also without mention of a snazzy PC port to match. There’s still no word. Not officially, anyway. There is a convincing new leak by way of a hidden Epic Games Store listing that specifically mentions the Final Fantasy 7 Remake though. Cloud saves save the day again!

Spotted by the folks on ResetEra, the Epic Store has an unlisted product called Pineapple QA that was submitted by Square Enix. The listing info is courtesy of EpicData, which pulls in database info from Epic’s store. Pineapple QA is pretty well disguised, but down in the “customAttributes” section you can spot the “CloudSaveFolder” which is listed as:


In the next section, “CloudExcludeList” you can spot the value listed as “ff7remakedevice.sav”.

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Product page database info from EpicData. Under a heading for "CloudSaveFolder" is a value entry with a file directory which includes "Final Fantasy VII Remake". Under the heading "CloudExcludeList" is a value listed as "ff7remakedevice.sav".

Sorry, no clues at a release date here though. Not that I’ve been able to spot, anyway. According to the database, this listing originally popped up in November 2020, so it’s hard to say just how imminent this PC version really is.

Admittedly, we’d already been convinced that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake would wind up on PC at some point. Given that Square Enix already brought the Kingdom Hearts games to PC for the first time as Epic scloosies, getting a little leak by way of the Epic Store fits in with expectations.

A lot of former console-only developers and game series are starting to warm up to PC launches. Sony have said that they’d explore sending more exclusives to PC. Sega have said something similar. We’re getting treated to more Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney and Persona games too. It’s now looking pretty inevitable that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will join the crew. I just wish Square Enix would hurry up and properly say so.

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