Clash Royale Buffed Elite Barbarians Bridge Spam Deck

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Clash Royale – Meta Elite Barbarians Bridge Spam Deck

In this Clash Royale Deck Guide we want to show you a new very strong Meta Deck. This will help you for sure to climb up your trophies but if you’re looking for other interessting Decks or News, check the Clash Royale overview page.

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This new Elite Barbarians Bridge Spam Deck in Clash Royale will destroy your opponents immediately. The recently buffed E-Barbs got a huge buff in the last balance update and they will for sure make it into the Meta. Playing this Bridge Spam Deck with the Battle Ram, the Cannon Cart and Magic Archer gives you a huge defensive and offensive power as well. You can for sure Push the Arena 13 Ladder with this 3.6 Elixir Deck as it is a really strong Deck in Clash Royale.

Here you can check the RoyaleAPI deck stats and copy the Deck straight on your Account.

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