Titanfall 2 is free on Steam this weekend

The future of hands in VR is absolutely filthy

Hand Physics Lab is a toy-like VR game for Oculus Quest, but the future of its hand physics looks absolutely filthy despite being wholly safe for work.

I wrote last weekend that Titanfall 2 was enjoying a substantial resurgence in popularity on Steam thanks to its links with the imminent launch of Apex Legends season nine. Now the player numbers are even higher because it’s free this weekend on Steam.

From right now until May 3rd at 10am PT/6pm BST you’ll be able to play Titanfall 2 for free. That’s long enough to finish its excellent campaign (which will take around six hours), but the high player counts also give an opportunity to get back into its similarly excellent multiplayer. At the time of writing, the game has over 27,000 players online according to Steam Charts.

Epic have bought game art portfolio site ArtStation, and lowered their fees to 12%

ArtStation, the portfolio and learning resource for 2D and 3D game artists, has been bought by Epic – and reduced their fees to 12% on marketplace items.

Titanfall 2’s multiplayer is substantially different from Apex Legends, in that it includes both wall-running and giant mechs you can summon from the sky. Very little else in multiplayer shooters feels as good as leaping from a rooftop, being caught by your own robot, and stuffed inside its cockpit.

The multiplayer mode is filled with these kinds of dramatic moments. Earning the ability to summon a mech is a common occurence, and yet manages to feel overpowered when you’re the pilot but fair when you’re fighting them. Grappling onto the back of a mech to rip at its wiring is thrilling, as is fleeing towards a dropship when your team loses. These are just some of the reasons why Titanfall 2 is on our list of the best FPS.

Meanwhile, Apex Legends season nine is due to launch on Tuesday, and brings with it a new character, Valkyrie, who is the daughter of an enemy mech pilot from Titanfall 2’s story mode. Imogen has had a chance to play Valkyrie and had fun with her jetpacks.

Paradox Development Studio has “split into three distinct studios”, and none are working on Imperator: Rome

Paradox Development Studio, makers of Stellaris, Hearts Of Iron, and more, have split into three distinct teams – and none are working on Imperator: Rome.