Cyberpunk ninja slasher Ghostrunner has a sequel in the works

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I hope you’re ready for some more cyberpunk vibes over the next couple of years, because publisher 505 Games have announced Ghostrunner 2 is on the way. The sequel to the dystopian ninja-slicing, wall-running action game Ghostrunner is being made right now by developers One More Level. The first game had players dashing and slashing through a skyscraper, like Mirror’s Edge but with swords.

Other than the fact Ghostrunner 2 is in production, there’s no news on when it might be released. It’s very early days, so the devs haven’t got anything to show just yet. Instead, here’s former vid bud Matthew Castle (RPS in peace) chatting about the first game, with a bit of footage to refresh your memory of what Ghostrunner is all about.

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Ghostrunner came out in September 2020, and Matthew enjoyed it after he’d had some time to get used to the combat and abilities. It seems after the few hundred deaths it really heats up, offering a delightfully acrobatic murder time.

“I’ve heard the designers cite Titanfall 2 as an inspiration and this is a similar six or so hours where every level adds a mechanical twist for ten minutes before parkouring to the next,” he writes in his Ghostrunner review. “You’re hacking billboard to orient paths. No, you’re surfing drones between rooftops. Actually, you’re dodging low hanging signs atop a train. It’s never dull.”

Despite the praise, his overall view is that the game is a little average. It strikes me as the sort of thing that mostly appeals to players who are very into the whole “ninja spends more time running on walls than on floors but cyberpunk” vibe, which is pretty specific. How do you reckon a sequel could improve on what Ghostrunner’s already done, reader?

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