Creators of popular Roblox game Adopt Me! have founded their own studio

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Game platform Roblox has spawned all kinds of hits, a super cute one called Adopt Me! among them. The social pet-raising and home-decorating simulation has grown popular enough, among the most top-played Roblox games, that its creators have announced they’ve opened their own studio. The Adopt Me team will continue working on new updates to the game under their new name Uplift Studios, a name that seems plenty fitting for the situation.

Adopt Me founders “NewFissy” and “Bethink” announced the new studio in a public letter today. In the past, they say the group of Adopt Me developers went by several names, including Team Adopt Me and DreamCraft. They’re now simplifying matters under the name Uplift Studios.

It’s more than just the convenience of the name, though. Uplift’s founders say that the Adopt Me team has grown to include over 40 members which, yeah, is quite a lot of people to manage.

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“We’ll save everyone the complicated legal details, but basically, the new studio entity has allowed us to offer excellent benefits to our staff globally, such as great health care and flexible remote jobs. Thanks to the support of all of you, we’re able to provide stability to our team members in an otherwise unpredictable time.”

Elsewhere on Uplift’s site, the studio says “Uplift Games is a modern, remote-first game studio based in North America and the UK,” and that “we strive every day to build the sort of studio we always wished we could work for.”

It is indeed an uplifting story, that there are Roblox developers successful enough to band together in an official capacity for continued work. Good luck to ’em in Roblox and, if they ever choose to, beyond.

Elsewhere in Roblox world, VVVVVV’s creator Terry Cavanagh recently released his own Roblox game.

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