The Outer Worlds 2 announced, vaguely

Somerville looks like Arrival meets Inside, and it’s coming in 2022

The next game from the co-creator of Limbo and Inside is coming next year, as Microsoft lifts the lid on Somerville in a new E3 2021 gameplay trailer.

Microsoft today announced The Outer Worlds 2 and I for one will be delighted to probe the many mysteries of another solar system stuck in a time loo- oh god damn it, not again. Right, right, not Outer Wilds, it’s Outer Worlds, the Obsidian Entertainment RPG that’s kinda like a space version of Fallout: New Vegas. Another one of those. Here, watch the trailer.

That’s space alright. Microsoft say the sequel is “taking place in a new star system with a new crew” and that’s all they have to say, really. Sounds like the game might be a way away.

Forza Horizon 5 races to Mexico this November

Playground Games have announced Forza Horizon 5, the next instalment of their series of open world racing games, and it’s taking us to Mexico.

The trailer jokes that some things shown won’t be in the game, and says we only see the main character in silhouette “because the developers haven’t finished the design, or finished the story, or finished any gameplay that’s actually ready to show. In fact, the only thing they have finished is the title.” Which is Outer Wilds 2. No, damn it no, it’s The Outer Worlds 2.

“The Outer Worlds is alright, innit. It’s good fun,” Alice Bee said in our The Outer Worlds review. “Sit back and let the orange and neon wash over you. Boo the cartoonishly evil corporations. Exhale through your nose at their Diet Toothpaste. I bet I’ll play it again, in fact. But you can tell it could have been great, if it had taken a few more risks. Real space cowboys take risks, don’t they?”

Good loading screens, mind.

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Redfall is an open world co-op vampire slaying game from Arkane

Redfall is an open-world co-op shooter from Arkane Austin, the makers of Prey, about four magic users fighting vampires.